Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I've been inspired this year to observe advent more, by not just the calendar, but an advent wreath as well. As a child we always had an advent wreath on the table in December. On the first Sunday in advent you light one candle and say a special prayer for that week. Each night at dinner you light just that one candle and say the prayer. On subsequent Sundays you light an additional candle and there is a different prayer. I remember being so interested in the fact that the candles were all different heights by the end, with the first candle being the tiniest. And I loved the ritual of it.
So this year I am bringing it back and I'm adding a little twist. I read here that it is traditional to add items from the mineral world in the first week, the plant world the second week, the animal world in week three (like little animal figures) and the human world in week four (the manger scene, for example). I'm enjoying this part. Dieter and I placed rocks from the beach and his special rock from White Mountain last week. This week I added greens (from our tree) and roses from the yard (Rainer "helped" with that) and some local tangerines. Oh, and the little felt gnomes? Those are just for fun and color--I made them on Saturday.
Faith is enjoying it too--we have done the advent wreath before, just not consistently. I'm a little surprised at how she remembers it and wants to bring it back. And the little boys--I hope they grow to enjoy it as much as I did as a child.

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Sarah said...

I love the idea of incorporating the different items.

Your pictures are always so pretty!