Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dieter Update

This little guy is charming the socks off me lately. Isn't it amazing how they change and grow so fast? Just three years ago I was still pregnant with him--now he is such a little person!
Mostly right now I am just fascinated by the imagination on this kid. I consider Jacob and Faith to be bright and imaginative, but Dieter takes "pretend" to a whole new level--at least in my parenting experience. First it started with these great animal impersonations--a bull (that one is really dramatic the way he does the eyes, the sounds, and the foot thing), and a "grumpy buckskin" (runs around neighing furiously) are two of the favorites. Then he started pretending all his daycare friends are over here playing with him and he's naming them and having me help them on and off the trampline and stuff. Now he pretends all eight of Santa's reindeer come over sometimes to play. I'll be working in the kitchen and he'll run in and say "Dasher is here" with reverence and amazement in his voice and I come over and pat Dasher's nose and feed him a pretend sugar cube.
When Ken was telling Dieter the story of "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer" and he cam to the part about the Rudolf being excluded from the reindeer games, Dieter got all crestfallen and invited imaginary Rudolf right then and there to play with him.
Right now his favorite book is Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel (he's totally into trucks and machinery too). He alternately loves and is annoyed by his younger brother--sometimes feeding him and hugging him, other times crying out of irritation with him. They change so fast--one of the things I like about blogging is having a place where I will write this all down so I can remember it when he's on to other things. I've always been pretty much of a failure at keeping up baby books.

Oh, I got the idea for muffin tin play from this post over at Small Wonders. Thanks Taimarie!


Melissa said...

I loved it when my son was 3 and 4 years old. Those were some of the best times with him. Thankfully he's still very imaginative at 9 (almost 10) years old. I think homeschooling has a lot to do with it. It allows you to keep that part of them a little longer ;o)

Melissa said...

P.S. I love your table!

amanda said...

The Rudolph one--oh that is a special kid for sure! He is as sweet as he is adorable.

We like Mike Mulligan at our house, too. Has Dieter read, um, I 'm not sure of the title but it's the same author, about the little old house that the city grew all around? He might like it.

taimarie said...

Glad to see you're enjoyig the muffin tins! Your version looks like less clean up too! I love hearing about Deiter's imagination- I can't wait for that stage!