Monday, November 19, 2007

Books and More

Last week I "found" some books on the bookshelf I kind of forgot I still owned. It's like getting a stack of new books! I don't have a lot of reading time in my life, but I love putting a book in my work bag and reading during my lunch and writing things in my notebook. It's a simple pleasure that I'm not willing to give up. (Luckily my lunch is at a time when most people have already eaten and returned). It really gives me a chance to recharge, although I may be seen as a little antisocial. In truth, I do want human connection, but I'm also a major introvert, and I've learned I need time alone to re-energize.
I'll talk a little more about these, I suspect, as I get to read them, but check out the subtitle on that top one, "Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry." That's me, all right. I remember really enjoying it the first time I read it, when Jacob and Faith were elementary age. It may be even more relevant with my little ones. And You are Your Child's First Teacher is what I was reading when I was pregnant with Faith. Actually, I got the idea for her name here; the author mentions her own daughter Faith and I loved it. (And it has really turned out to be a great name--feminine, meaningful, and not overly used--unlike Jacob which has turned out to be the number one boys' name for several years in a row--hey, it's okay, though, he likes his name). Anyway, about the book, it has lots of ideas for parenting in a way that really resonates with me: routines and consistency, simple toys and stories and suggestions for creative play and costumes. I love it, it's very inspiring. Seasonal Living and the Winter Solstice book I love because I love the seasons (even here!) and I love observing the solstices and equinoxes. So I'm really set for awhile in the lunchtime reading. That's a good feeling.
This weekend Ken was out of town on Saturday so I had the rare opportunity to take Rainer and Dieter to the park by myself. It was fun for me and heartening. Ken is really the popular parent around here, so I was happy to to have some time just to be with the babies myself. (All too often I'm trying to do things around the house while I parent these two.) And with Rainer walking now a trip to the park was really fun and much easier.

This week the whole family is on Thanksgiving Break the entire week except for me. I have to go in Monday, Tuesday, and a half day on Wednesday. I'm a little jealous, but this is a break for me too because I'm relieved of making lunches (except for my own) and getting Rainer ready so early in the morning. So it's still good. My district follows a very traditional school year and I respect that. I always say we're the ones with the good work ethic.


littlegreen said...

This is going to be a kinda random comment... but those are JCrew sandals aren't they???? I LOVED those sandals!!! I actually had to get rid of them because I have a ridiculous bump on the top of my foot and they just didn't "give" at all on the top.... but i LOVE them! And they look gorgeous on whoever's foot that is!!!
Fun books too, I love reading during lunch, mmmm, relaxing during a busy work day!

amanda said...

I agree with you about You Are Your Child's First Teacher, I really loved that book. The others sound like books I would like too. We celebrate the equinox and solstice days but it's a new tradition for our family so I would love a little inspiration about that. Will have to check our library for those.
Enjoy your short week at school and have a Happy Thanksgiving!