Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wonderful One!

Yesterday Rainer turned one year old. Happy birthday, baby!
We had a little "party" for him, just family.

I made him a banana bundt cake--a healthy one with whole wheat and no white sugar (it's sweetened with maple syrup--it was good). He got the baby bundt, along with banana slices, which he liked much better than the cake.
Having this little guy has taught me so much. He was the skinniest little newborn you can imagine, and he would Not. Gain. Weight. I was so worried about him. After nursing three other babies successfully, why wouldn't this guy put on weight? The doctor was good. He said nurse him all he wants on both sides then offer a bottle of formula. I cried when Ken gave him the first bottle. I was so sure he would wean from the breast immediately. But you know what? He thrived. He needed that extra milk and it made him a better nurser, stronger, I think. And the formula supplements only lasted a relatively few weeks and I never have weaned him from the breast. And honestly? It's been nice with this baby to be able to offer a formula baba when needed. I've learned not to always make things more difficult than they need to be. He's not only healthy, but I think he is my healthiest baby ever! He's had no ear infections so far and nothing more than mild sniffles. Happy Birthday, Rainer! You are sweet and you are loved. You complete our family in a wonderful way.


Kimberly said...

Oh happy birthday dear ones. It really is a birthday for both of you and a reason to celebrate. Yummy cake and lots o' kisses.

Ack - I hate that blogger won't let us reply to each others to respond to your question about their bed fabric - it's an Ikea duvet cover - quick and easy - I have yet to make a duvet cover and I don't think I'm really interested.

Have a wonderful day honey!

littlegreen said...

Happy Birthday to him!! so adorable! Oh, and I don't know where you live is but I was wondering if you are near the fires... You are in our prayers if you are, and if not, thank heavens, you are an inspiring mama!

Christy said...

Happy First Birthday Rainer!

The banana bundt cake looks great. Would you share the recipe?

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday little guy! I think I whispered promises to buy him a guinea pig if he'd gain weight and nurse. Let me know when you want me to pay up. Where did the toy come from? I want to buy some new toys for the office.

taimarie said...

Happy birthday little one! (and what a lovely birthday ring- did you make the decorations? how do you use it? I've been eyeing them, but I don't fully understand how they work...)

jessi said...

Happy Happy Birthday to a great little guy!

amanda said...

Happy Birthday Rainer!! What a lovely party. That birthday ring is adorable . . . but not as adorable as the birthday boy!

And that cake, oh my *yum*

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh, I am so sorry I am a little late, but Hapde Burfday!