Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Windy Windy Pumpkin Patch

So, we went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. Who knew Sunday would turn out to be the hottest, windiest, most un-fall-like day we could have picked? Nevermind, the babies had a fabulous time and the wind didn't bother them one bit.
I, on the other hand, could barely get my wits about me in all that wind; thus, a severe lack of pumpkin pictures here. What really enchanted me, though, and Dieter, was this little hay maze. Man, he loved that thing. And we got there just early enough so that he had it to himself for a few minutes.
He loved running around and around it and going through this little hay tunnel. I was delighted to watch him. Ken pointed out that the whole thing seemed so homey or organic or "unsafe" in a way, you know? Not so regimented like going to the park these days, where all the fun stuff is gone because it's been deemed too dangerous.

And Ken took some pictures too, thank goodness. Here's Ben amongst the pumpkins. He's the only one of the teens that wanted to go to the pumpkin patch. You can really see the wind in the sunflowers.

And one last thought: all these hot dry winds have caused 17 wildfires in Southern California to burn out of control. Here's sending positive prayers/wishes/energy to all the families displaced by the fires.


Kimberly said...

Oh I love that last pic, with your son's face. Looks like mine when I take out the camera.

To answer your question (from your comment on my blog) the baby still sleeps with us. And if he anything like his brothers I have about 6 years before I have to think of a room for him (or a spot in the room). We have construction to do next year to even give us the option. I'll post on that soon.
thanks for all the postitive thoughts my dear!

Christy said...

Looks like a fun time.

My MIL (in the UK) has called several times to make sure we're okay and that the fires aren't near us. I'm always amazed at how much California news she seems to get over there.