Monday, October 29, 2007


At the Pumpkin Party.
There was pumpkin bowling and carving (these aren't ours).
Sunday morning he really got into counting his beads. It was cool. He wanted to show me.
Then it was off to Farmer's Market. So colorful. My boys can practically eat a basket of strawberries before we even get home (stawberries are basically year-round here).
Delivering the treat bags. That was interesting. Some people were taken aback. Some were so friendly and happy to see us. And not necessarily the ones I expected! Happy Monday!
(Scroll down for crafting.)


Roxanne said...

Love those carved jack-o-lanterns! We might have to copy that. The gift bags were a really cute idea, also. Happy Halloween from New Jersey!!

Felicia said...

Beautiful farmer's market. And those pumpkins are a scream!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh man, I want to make that erm, puking pumpkin for Halloween now. LOL

Gift of Green said...

Great pictures! Great pumpkins! Great bunny ears! Have a great time tonight!