Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Two and Three-Quarters

Today Dieter turned two and three-quarters years old. At two and three-quarters he . . .
  • loves his Fisher Price doctor set. He pretends his monkey is sick and uses all the gear on him. The other day I asked him if he wants to be a doctor when he grows up; he said, "I'm a doctor now to my monkey."
  • is protective of his little brother. Tonight Rainer climbed up on a two-step stool. Dieter told him to be careful and put his arm out to protect him from falling.
  • can be nurturing too. Last night he was feeding Rainer little bits of his pear at the dinner table.
  • can be jealous too. Much of the time he just wants me to whisk Rainer away.
  • loves it when I sew. He likes to wear an extra wrist pincushion and put pins into it and pretend that he is the mommy and I am the little boy. Every time I use the machine he wants me to explain the threading procedure and show him the bobbin.
  • loves to do real work: flower cutting, nut smashing, cooking of all sorts, cleaning the floor. Honestly, sometimes I think he is more helpful around the house than the teenagers.
He has such a love of experiences and is so curious about his world. Meanwhile, I'm learning from him every day to take a big bite out of life and love the world around me.


Kimberly said...

Don't you just love your kids! I love the act of blogging just so I can focus in on why I love them so much. This one sounds like a keeper.....

Di said...

He sounds delightful!! I love the fact that he is a doctor already!!

Gift of Green said...

Um, he's more helpful around the house than ME! :) Love those little guys!