Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some Sweet Things

A cup of chai with Faith after school in the yard (with good mail and the last of the pumpkin treat for the week),
tomatoes picked tonight for our dinner,
and little boy helping with those tomatoes.
Loved the look of the salad--a simple pleasure for sure.
And the sweetest thing? My baby is talking. He says, "ding!" and touches your nose (because that is what we do to him). It is so connected and so interactive and just melts my heart.


taimarie said...

Yeah baby Rainer! Congrats on your first word! Soon you'll have so much to tell your mama!

amanda said...

I bet those *dings* bring a lot of smiles to your faces. What a sweet first word.

And I hope your little doll arrived safe and sound.

littlegreen said...

yum to the chai and pumpkin... and lovely little tomatoes!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh man, the ding is too cute!