Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Little Pumpkin Treat Bags

In the spirit of being organized and getting things done early, I went ahead and put together the little pumpkin treat bags I've been planning. This is my kind of project: instant gratification and so cute.
Since these are meant for the toddlers around the neighborhood I chose little goldfish cracker packets, "O" organic toddler cereal bars, and Gerber Graduate fruit leathers, which, surprisingly, also are organic (they have the little organic "seal" on them but organic is not in the title--I just thought that was sort of weird).
The other supplies you need are the orange paper bags and green floral tape, both of which are at Michael's. Then just stuff the bags with the treats, twist the top, and wrap with tape (when you stretch the tape it becomes somewhat tacky). Start from the top of the stem and work down.
When you get to the base of the stem, make a tendril by twisting the end of the tape and curling it around your finger. We'll probably take these around the night before Halloween so we find people at home. And on Halloween night we'll give out glow bracelets, which are always a big hit (but probably not a very "green" choice, come to think of it!). For now, these are decorating our mantle.


Felicia said...

Love those treat bags!

littlegreen said...

cute! And even though the glow bracelets are not green, they're probably better for little ones than candy!! what a fun halloween! My mother was a dental hygenist so she gave out toothbrushes or floss with our candy... :)

Di said...

THe bags are just great! I am sure that many of the small children in your neighbourhood are going to be in awe when you hand them over!!

2begin2 said...

I love those bags! Maybe I'll make those for my nieces & nephews... who cares if they're 11 -15 yrs old!
We don't give out candy either - we give out little toys (buy in bulk from a catalog), pencils & erasers. The first year I did that kids were coming back 2, 3, even 4 times!
My friend is a dentist and she gives out little baggies filled w/ a toothbrush, toothpaste & floss.
My girls enjoying trick-er-treating but their pillowcase full of candy sits around untouched for months!
I love your glow-in-the-dark bracelet idea, too.

Number Twelve said...

Just stumbled upon your blog via soulemama. Oh my do I heart those pumpkin treat bags! And the idea of passing them out individually! And the glow necklaces ... BRILLIANT! :-)

Bonnie said...

Love the pumpkin treat bags. I agree - it is great when you can do something quickly that turns out really well.

amanda said...

Adorable. What a great idea. I bet the children *love* them.

Gift of Green said...

Seriously, where the frick do you get all your energy?