Friday, October 26, 2007

A Farewell to Pumping

Rainer's birthday was my last day of pumping at work. Or ever, I think. I'm not weaning this little guy, but since he's old enough for cow's milk, and since pumping is such a big undertaking, I only committed to it for one year. And I made my goal. Hooray! But it is also bittersweet. It's a sign my little boy is growing; he needs me just a little bit less; and I won't have that connection to him at work, which is a bit of a loss. On the other hand, ditching the pumping really lightens me up--both literally (that thing weighs a ton--you wouldn't believe it unless you have one) and figuratively (because there are just so many little details involved in the whole process--the washing of parts, packing the bag in the morning, remembering to freeze the insert, inconveniencing other people at work, bringing it all in and breaking it all down in the afternoon, etc., etc.). So, I am mostly happy, but also just wanting to pause and mark this transition of my baby growing.

And, since I'm an expert pumper now (after having pumped for Dieter too for 14 months), here are my tips for pumping, working moms:
  • My biggest tip by far: just buy the good pump. It the Medela Pump in Style Advanced. Maybe you already know this; for me it was a shocker ($350) but nothing else works as well, and if you are going to be pumping at work you need something fast and efficient.
  • Don't stress about having a huge stockpile of frozen milk before you go back to work. Just do what you can.
  • All the books say you are going to have to pump as often as you would put the baby to the breast at home. No way. I pumped twice a day and got what I needed.
  • And for this baby I found it hugely convenient that he would take formula too, if needed. That way the pressure is off and baby never goes hungry.
Happy weekend!


jessi said...

oh, I know what you mean. I just weaned Baby N (and now I'm thinking he needs a new blog name - I suppose he's not really a baby anymore) about a month ago and while I was ready and he really was too, it was bittersweet.

And that's all great advice! A great pump does make all the difference. I pumped exclusively with my first for 9 months (he would never latch) and I never would have made it without my Medela Pump in Style!

amanda said...

Congrats on finishing up with pumping. What an accomplishment!!