Sunday, October 14, 2007

All This Cuteness

. . . and a new jacket.
This is the "Sweet Wee Jacket" from Bend the Rules Sewing. Yes, that book again. It is just so good-and-full of easy, stylish projects. I so love being able to start and finish a project the same day--can't say enough about that book.
Anyway, I chose a soft ribbed cotton knit for the jacket with blue bias trim. The pattern is beyond easy. You lay the (one) pattern piece on two folds (the fabric is folded in quarters) and cut it out. After that, there are only two seems to sew and you're practically done. All that's left is to bind the neck. The rest of the edges are left raw, which is very acceptable with this fabric--it still looks neat and polished. My baby is so agreeable about wearing the stuff I make him. I love that.
I made the elf-inspired hat too. He's darn cute in it, but for me it was not as successful as the jacket. I didn't like my fabric I was working with and it just didn't sew together as nicely as I'd hoped. Sweet little guy totally rocks his hat, though.
On Saturday he wore it in shopping and yep, once again, he was the hit of Trader Joe's. (It used to be I'd wear him in in the Moby and oh my, would he ever attract a lot of attention; people loved him in that thing. It was like that all over again with the hat).

That's not all the sewing for Baby Rainer. Later in the week I'll give you a peek at his birthday present, which is coming along pretty nicely. But for now, I must get off the computer and go make lunches! Have a great week, everyone!


Christy said...

Definitely a lot of cuteness in this post!

Carrie said...

Can you make one in my size?

Kimberly said...

Love love love that book, right?
And your jacket came out wonderful!

taimarie said...

Oh, I've been looking at that jacket pattern, wondering how it would be for a boy- and yours is just the sweetest! I think I'm going to have to give it a try... I wonder how it would work with a recycled/felted wool blanket... hmmm, got me thinking!