Sunday, September 30, 2007

Woo hoo! Costume's Done!

Can you tell I'm just a little excited about having Dieter's costume done? I do enjoy the process and all that, but in my current busy life I just do not have the time to sew in a leisurely way. I have no crafting area, so when I do get an opportunity to sew it involves cluttering up the dining room table and setting up the ironing board in the kitchen; once all that infrastructure is in place I have to make it worth its while. So . . . last night I was up 'til almost 1:00 making the bunny jumpsuit--I was determined to finish that baby--and today I was able to make the hood in spurts while the babies were either happy or napping. You can see the little lop eared brown bunny above. He likes the hood and was totally into hopping about all day in it. The jumpsuit? Not so much. But he may warm to it in a month's time, who knows.
And this? A little crafting flashback. I've made a bunny costume before! This is Faith at age one (Jacob is the Ninja Turtle. I made that little "karate" outfit and he wanted to wear the mask). It was my tradition to make a home sewn costume each year. What I found is that the costumes got tons and tons of use as dress up clothes well beyond Halloween night. Dress up was huge for Jacob and Faith throughout their early years. I really loved seeing them engaging in that kind of play. I hope Dieter and Rainer get so creative too.
In other weekend news: it was hot. But that did not stop us from fall-ish activities like cracking walnuts, which finally made it to the stores just this weekend. Yes, we let Dieter use that big hammer to crack the nuts--he did surprisingly well.

Well, I'm starting the week not nearly as organized as I like to be on a Sunday night, but somehow my energy is holding out and I know I'll just power through. Have a great week everybody, and happy first of October!


Kimberly said...

Oh, I bet that feels good to be done eh? Must move you out to Massachusetts so you can crack nuts in the crisp, Autumn air.
Happy Monday!

Sarah said...

That bunny picture is really adorable!

Christy said...

The Brown Bunny costume looks great Mary Beth!

Gift of Green said...

Well done!!

jessi said...

Congratulations on finishing the costume - it looks great!!

Sarah and Jack said...

Congratulations on having the costume done already. (I haven't even started, oh my!)