Thursday, September 6, 2007

Eat the Food in Your Yard

I had a mini-revelation the other day: eating the food you grow in your own yard is actually a very green activity. We grow (I should say Ken grows) a lot of produce, and of course I try to eat it up as much as possible because it is prudent and money saving and I don't want to be wasteful, but it just occurred to me how green it is too. I mean, there's so much angst these days about our food supply, what with the safety of plastic food containers and canned food now, and which foods to buy organic, and being able to afford organic food, but the food in our yard not only is affordable, but it's organic (no chemicals anywhere near here--Ken is adamant about that--he won't even let me put out a roach motel), and most of all delicious. These apples are from Ken's parents' tree, but here's what we do have on hand:
apples of our own, pears, plums of different varieties, Pluots of different varieties, navel oranges, blood oranges, Valencia oranges, Kara Kara pink oranges, tangerines, basal, tomatoes, peaches, apricots, and parsley. So my new revelation kind of spurs me on in my quest to use up more of our fruit. These apples are destined for a pie this weekend, I think, although they're actually quite good out of hand. And Rainer is a big fan of the plums--every day his daddy gives him one on the yard walk.
And finally it's cool enough for him to wear his new fall outfit--his pants, and one of his new American Apparel shirts, which, by the way, are another green choice--they're made in downtown LA under fair working conditions (I bought mine here, and they come in an awesome array of colors, if you're interested). We're off to enjoy this rockin' Fall weather!


Gift of Green said...

What? Do you live in Paradise or something? Love the variety of fruits in our own backyard - we have...ummm...well...we got one apple once. ;)

Kimberly said...

how old is you little one? my boy is almost 10 months (on the 18th). I'm doing a "Signs of Fall" on my blog next week. Wanna join?