Thursday, September 13, 2007

Craft Project Odds and Ends

I've been meaning to post a few little craft projects I've completed over the summer and I just haven't gotten around to to it until now. So here you go. This is another zippered pouch from Bend the Rules Sewing. I made this one for Christy when she responded to my 100th post (thanks Christy!) It's linen with patchwork strips on both sides. As I've posted before, I am all about the patchwork strips, and I'm wanting to make one for myself too. I had a little trouble with hand stitching the lining too close to the zipper teeth but I ripped it out and re-did it. I hope it's working okay.
Here's the lining.
Again, from Bend the Rules Sewing (love that book!) I made the No Cash Wallet. I used it all summer long and it was fun just taking off with my debit card and library card--no heavy wallet to lug.
She mentions in the book that you have to be very careful on the seem allowances here or the cards won't fit. Let's just say she's right about that. I'd recommend reviewing just what 1/4" looks like before sewing this one.
And finally I made this hooded bath towel for Rainer. It's inspired by the linen and flannel one in Last Minute Fabric Gifts, but I took it in my own direction. I added the patchwork strips and I sewed mine with flannel on the outside and a large flour sack towel on the inside. Works great for drying a wiggly wet baby.
I had a terrible time trying to photograph this thing, but Faith kindly snapped this for me tonight. I'm very hopeful about doing some crafting this weekend. If so, I'll be back here happily on Monday with the results. Have a great weekend all!


Carrie said...

I so admire that you are keeping up on the blogging after going back to work. I love the the fabrics!

Kimberly said...

Hey, what do you do? I work pt as a therapist.
I love bend the rules sewing, I read on someones blog (was it yours?) if they had to marry a book that would be the one.
I agree.
happy weekend!

Felicia said...

That pouch is so cute and I love that wallet.

Gift of Green said...

Would you stop already?! I'm getting a serious inferiority complex! I bought that book even though I can't sew a stitch just so I could oogle over all the adorable stuff. Love the wallet the most! Great job!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks, guys. You're all so sweet. It's just so fun--both the crafting and the blogging.