Sunday, August 12, 2007

Teen Cooking, Toddler Cooking

Faith has taken an interest in cooking lately, baking in particular, and I am really delighted. Last night we had an unexpected surplus of raspberries and I encouraged her to make a dessert with it. She made the Raspberry Sour Cream Cake from this book, and it's yum. I especially like the streusel topping on it. It was pretty quick and easy for her, and she just mixed it up by hand--no need to get out the mixer.
And here's a simple toddler "cooking" project--yogurt pops. Have the toddler spoon yogurt, whatever flavor, into the popsicle mold.
Then have him add the lid and the sticks (Dieter liked this part). Freeze (ours took about 4 hours),
and eat! Refreshing on a summer day out on the blanket.


milcolores said...

You have a blog and a wonderful family ;)

Mary Beth said...

Thank you, Milcolores!