Friday, August 3, 2007

Shorts--V. 2

So here is my second attempt at shorts for Dieter. These have a car and truck embroidered on oversized cargo pockets. The pockets and flaps are lined with polka dot fabric. I had in mind a longer short for Dieter this time around, but these are too long. I'm planning to shorten them to the bottom of the pockets--then the length will be about right, I think, but the proportion a little off (with the pocket hitting the hemline). Oh well--I'll get it right in the next version hopefully.
And the Skitter car which at first seemed possibly to be an expensive mistake has turned out to be a huge hit with Dieter. He doesn't use the handlebar to move the vehicle, as is intended, but has a rockin' time scooting around with his feet. He really gets it going.
Rainer has 5 teeth now people. Soon he'll be eating us out of house and home--he's my first and only truly good eater. It's very exciting. Have a great weekend everyone.


Carrie said...

You have the cutest babies!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks Carrie.