Saturday, August 4, 2007


I love coming across these little scenes of play that the children have left behind. There's something so pure about it--a little insight into their day. I'm glad that Dieter and Rainer have lots of opportunity for unstructured, mass-media free play (no TV character toys if I can help it). What they are into now: construction vehicles continue to be huge for Dieter, . .
combined with sand play--these are the new metal shovels I just got him. He likes to use them to scoop sand into his dump truck and then dump it all out . . .
and believe it or not these bunnies make the rounds--this is how I found them on the front porch last night. Rainer likes grabbing them by the ears and chewing them. Dieter plays with all his stuffed animals a surprising amount. His favorite softie is Mino-horse though (his Palamino--I've got to get some pictures of him with Mino-horse just to document this time of his life).
And their favorite interactive games? Peek-a-boo is huge around here and Rainer can play it himself, which is so dang engaging. How cute is this? Last night he was using his unsnapped onesie, but a towel after bathtime is still a favorite Peek-a-boo cloth and time of day . . .
And Ring-Around-the-Rosie is a favorite Dieter request as well. Do all kids just love that? It seems to be universal--something about the turning and the falling--so fun. I'm pleased that we are raising them with no TV (just an occasional DVD--Spot or Baby Mozart mostly), lots of books and Babybugs, lots of rhymes and naming of things and conversation, and lots of love, of course. And I'll tell you something, I think it's working, as it worked for their older siblings--these are really nice kids--nice teens, nice toddler, nice baby, and that makes me happy.

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