Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Our "Vacation" at Home

It's kind of weird here. Ken and Ben are away, the kitchen sink is unusable, and so is the dishwasher. On the surface, a minor thing, but I feel a little bit like I'm "camping" at home. I've set up a little dishwashing area in the laundry room, but honestly, bending over that low washtub sink is backbreaking. So we're using paper plates and bowls and eating out at night with the babies. It's worked out rather well because it's a good way to entertain them and be in the air conditioning and make the whole evening go more pleasantly for everyone. Faith has been a real trooper helping me with the babies every night.

And maybe this is just the right place to mention how much I love the soft drink special they have going on at McDonald's this summer--a 42 ounce (extra large) soft drink for 69 cents! You cannot beat that deal! as I keep insisting to anyone who will listen (mostly Faith--sorry sweetie!). A small is a dollar, so just figure it out from there. It's a summer special and I will miss it when it's gone. If you order exclusively off the dollar menu, and go for the 69 cent Diet Coke, you can eat very frugally at McDonald's. By the way, I took these photos on my cell phone, so forgive the poor quality, but isn't Dieter cute enjoying his ice cream? And the Toddler Toys are way fab. I love the little wizard with his owl.
I also braved the band concert alone with the two babies in the double stroller tonight. It's a nice Wednesday night tradition here in the summertime and Dieter loves the balloons and the children's march. It actually went really well to have them there by myself and it tired them out a little and made our evening go a little bit better.

And in other news, this is my 100th post!! To celebrate, I will send the first person who comments and mentions my 100th post a little handmade gift. Good luck ladies!


Christy said...

Oh, I think I'm the first to comment on your 100th post! (Don't ask why I'm up at this ridiculous hour.) Congrats on reaching this milestone.

Sorry to hear about the sink/dishwasher problems.

Our area is a test market for McDonalds, so we've had the .69 drinks for over a year. From September 'til May, they're only .99, which is still a great deal. I'm a big Diet Coke drinker and appreciate this kindness on my wallet! :)

Mary Beth said...

Hi Christy! Thanks for visitng and commenting! Please e-mail me with your address and I will get your prize out to you asap! My e-mail:

Carrie said...

Darn. I missed out. I actually read it earlier but was interrupted. Congratulations Christy. Mary Beth's stuff is cool!