Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our Greenification

We've been trying to make some small "green" changes around here. With little ones around, and being so busy and "needing" lots of little conveniences, I think it's easy just to not be green and figure you'll get around to it later. But we're making some progress nonetheless. The biggest thing right now, and most surprising, at least to me, are these Envirosax. We've long hated plastic grocery bags, yet opting for the paper seems so wasteful. And I never wanted to carry a bunch of dirty, floppy, heavy, ugly canvas bags to the store. I never even knew how that would work--would I have to bring a dozen or more for a Saturday morning shop-up? Ugh. Then, slowly, I started to see another reusable bag option--first at our local health food store, then on a blog post or two--nylon sacks that fold up small but are strong and carry a lot of groceries. When Angry Chicken posted on these bags they seemed perfect for my needs. Five bags come in a little carrying pouch, all rolled up and compact. Then you simply whip them out at check out time and they will hold your entire order--even for a big shop-up. My main reservation was whether the bag person at the grocery would be inconvenienced by the bags. After all, their plastic bags are all set up with a little holder and it does seem convenient for them to do it that way. But honestly, no one has batted an eyelash and my bags are so pretty I've gotten a lot of compliments. And now I can't stand to see plastic grocery bags anymore! Suddenly I find them heinous and annoying. With big cities banning plastic bags I'm sure they're on the way out. And really, why not? I'm finding these new bags to be delightfully easy to use.


Gift of Green said...

Good work! Those bags are very pretty! I find it depends of the grocery store. Whole Foods and our local coop don't bat an eyelast either at the reusables, but sometimes the baggers at our regular grocery store seem to get all flustered at the idea! Hee, hee!

Laura W. said...

I totally agree on the plastic bags...yucky!!! But then, after using our canvas bags, I found that I needed to start purchasing plastic garbage bags for our kitchen trash can...Argh!!! I'm not really sure of another solution...hmmmm
I'm a new reader, and love your blog!
Thanks for the great tips and "green" encouragement (we just bought stainless steel water bottles too :) I also did a big "clean out" of most plastics in our house and it felt good and it looks so much better (plastic is ugly). I also replaced our vinyl shower curtain Yay!
Seeing your pie photo (I'm reading through some of your archives) makes me want to bake one myself...so I'm off to bake an apple pie which will be perfect for dessert on this lovely Sunday!