Sunday, August 26, 2007

Linen Baby Pants

Can't resist sharing these cute linen baby pants I made for Rainer. I say cute, because I do think they're cute and I'm pretty satisfied with them that way, but they're not entirely successful because they're too small; too low wasted to be exact--my little baby is wearing low-rise pants! I this Flickr tutorial on making children's pants without a pattern. Love the concept and it was so easy!! However, in tracing around the pants I was using as a pattern I forgot to allow for the casing, so these pants are actually a little smaller than the original pants even though I thought I was making them a little bigger.
Fortunately, I was using "free" fabric from a dress I had previously cut off to make a top. I still think I can fix these by undoing the casing and adding a wasteband.
Here's the happy recipient. He doesn't seem to mind the low rise fit!

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Di said...

The trousers are great! I love the contrast gnome fabric!! He does look happy to be wearing them!!