Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Home Again

We went on a little trip up north to visit with Ken's parents, who had not met Rainer yet. We introduced them to their littlest grandson and made a few side trips as well--lunch in a redwood forest, which included some banana slug sightings, much to Dieter's delight . . .

and a ride on daddy's shoulders for Rainer (his first ride like this, but definitely not his last--he really liked the view).
And Tuesday we left Ken's parents and drove to San Francisco and visited the Steinhart Aquarium. Dieter was really into it, there was lots to see, and since they are in a temporary location right now the tanks are small so you could really see the fish. And they had a very cool African Penguin display as well . . .
and a fun baby area too--I loved this ballet barre setup for the non-walkers--mirror, barre, and padded mat. I like that in a museum.
Then it was off to Ghirardelli for sundaes, where they had this statue of a mermaid nursing her mer-baby--well timed for national nursing month too. Here I am with my own little nursling.

Very very glad to be home now. Summer is winding down but I still have a ton to do--lots of sewing projects planned and either unfinished or not yet started, and lots to do to get ready for the school year.

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Green Kitchen said...

Next time you are in the area let us know and we can have a bloggy meet up. We've been meaning to have one, but haven't yet.