Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Toy Love

I love toys, particularly young children's toys. And fortunately, so does Dieter. It pleases me so much to see him playing with his toys and to come across little scenes like this:
See how he has lined them up just so? Love that. It's like a little glimpse into his mind. He got this Playmobile farm set for Christmas, and it was an immediate hit--for a few days. He gets it out every once in awhile now, and yesterday he showed quite a bit of interest in it--so it may be having a resurgence. I just love the colors and simple lines and I vastly prefer toys like this that have absolutely no tie-in with TV shows or movies.
What he is really really into right now is his Brio trains. He got a bunch of track and trains for Christmas (Ben's old stuff, which was a garage sale find before that) and I added some cars and people to that for stocking stuffers, Valentine's Day and Easter. He is very into playing with the trains right now
and wants to make configurations. It's interesting to me because at this young age Jacob loved his trains too, but was content to let the big people configure the track for him. Dieter, on the other hand, wants a more active role. He seems to have in mind what he wants to do, but knows he can't do it himself; then he gets a little bossy when the adult doesn't "get it right." We're working with him on that! More toy love later.

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