Monday, July 16, 2007

Sensory Tables

I absolutely love these sensory tables Ken made for Dieter. The first one came to us through a different channel (Rainer's daycare teacher knows someone who makes these, she was asking for donations, I got one for the daycare and one for us). When Ken saw how easy this one was to make, he made us two more, and they are fabulous--even better made than the first one. There are lots of possibilities of what to put in. Here you see Dieter playing with beans, cups, and scoops. Personally, I love the beans--as a little girl I always wanted to run my hands through the bulk beans at the grocery store.
Today we had a visit from our little friend Caleb (and my friend Dominique) and the boys used one of the new ones as a water table, with cups, funnels, and floaty toys. So fun. I'm anxious to see what we'll do with the third.