Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pizza Night Reprise

We're in our third week of homemade pizza night over here and it's going pretty well. Key is the fact that Ken is watching both babies in the afternoons now, so I have time to work in the kitchen. Dieter still wanders in to "help" now and then, but I have much more ability to work through now (compared to when our dinner hour was more "freeform").Pizza topping mise en place.
The unbaked pizzas (bbq chicken, bacon and pineapple) ready to be baked.
The first pizza, baked and finished with cilantro and lime.
Dieter, very excited about watching "Bob the Builder" as part of our Tuesday night movie night.

Today we also attended storytime at the library, walked there and back, took Faith to school and picked her up, had naps (well, not me, but Ken, Dieter and Rainer all did), and worked on some embroidery I've got going. Wow--the day went fast, but I guess that's just summer. Next up: birthday countdown.

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Carrie said...

Faith's birthday? If what you're using for dough isn't in the previous past, you should send it to me. I'm am wiped out today. Personnel issues, a dead body in one of the units, and the grant is due soon. I will be really glad for August.