Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh the Crafty Goodness

I made this little tote and zippered pouch for my friend Sylvia, who is coming Thursday for a long overdue visit. (She hasn't even seen Rainer yet--that's how overdue). We generally celebrate each other's birthdays when we see each other, which I think works much better than trying to remember during our otherwise very hectic lives (especially for me, with my life being super busy and hectic at this stage). I got these projects from by lovely lovely Bend the Rules Sewing book by Amy Karol. Love, love, love this book. It has tons of fun and quick and satisfying projects that are practical and fulfill my urge for instant gratification.
The tote is linen blend with hand embroidery--it has the pear print on the opposite side and different length handles (one loops over the other). The zippered pouch has a pink zipper and a contrasting green lining.
Both projects went really well, but the little tote is much smaller than I thought it would be--it looks bigger in the book. Still, it could be a bag for going on a small outing, or for toting your lunch to school, or for containing your make-up at home, looped over a hook in the bathroom or whatever. Zippered pouches always come in handy I think.
I hope she likes them--and by the way, Carrie, there's a package in the mail to you even as we speak-I haven't forgotten my only blog reader, never!


Carrie said...

I'm so excited! Also, I finally wrote a new post. I'm really tired though. I didn't proof too well. Hope it is readable.

Mary Beth said...

Very excited, going to your blog right now.