Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fabric Freak Out

So I'm making a quilt for Rainer. A quilt? you ask. For Rainer? Don't you work full time? Can you really handle such a large project? I've decided not to overthink this. Originally I'd planned to make a very simple "quilt" with no batting, and just join a few large rectangles together and not do any binding--just sew the two layers (quilt top and backing) right sides together and turn it. Somehow that has evolved into a real quilt with squares, batting, and binding. Anyway--I'm going forward with the project and I am so excited about it. I'm loving the fabrics and I'm loving the idea of Rainer wrapping up in this and dragging it around and noticing little details in the fabrics of it and knowing his mama loves him and made him a special keepsake. I've ordered two more fabrics, so I can't start piecing it together yet. I'm done cutting the squares so far. For now I'm just freaking out about how much I love the fabric and how excited I am to get started.
Here's an idea of what it might look like, only different because there will be two other fabrics (gnomes and VW busses). And what about little Dieter you may ask? I'd love to make him one too. I'm thinking when he sees Rainer's he may want one too and can help pick out some of the fabrics. Nice thought--I hope it happens.


Carrie said...

They are VERY great fabrics. I encourage your ambition.

Mary Beth said...

Thanks Carrie. I think I can do it if I stay focused this summer.

Gift of Green said...

I wish I had your craftiness - this and the finished project looks so fun!