Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bittersweet Farewell to July

Can it really be the last day of July? The summer is flying by, as it does every year. This year it is perhaps particularly alarming because although the last few years have been punctuated with leisurely maternity leaves, going back to school this year marks the end of all that. Thank goodness I love my job. It just so challenging to keep up with everything during the school year that it gives me pause in these last few weeks of summer. Still, I swear by the "fun challenge" approach to the school year (as in, "getting it all done and staying organized is a fun challenge") as it seems to work for me.

I've been gone from online doings for what seems like more than a day and a half. Yesterday we woke up to no internet and what proved to be a not-so-good day (involving the kitchen sink plumbing failing and water pouring out onto the kitchen floor). As far as the internet goes, I had to make several long-wait phone calls to the telephone company. It turns out that the modem somehow just broke unexpectedly. The good news is that the new one arrived today and we're getting a speed upgrade tomorrow, so all is well, and I'll begin posting regularly once again.

And the photo? More bibs I made last week. I find I am loving using these bibs on Rainer. It gives me such pleasure to use things I've made myself and see my favorite fabrics made into such a sweet utilitarian object. Fun.

Whats not fun? No kitchen sink, no dishwasher, for the next few days until Ken returns to fix it. For now we're carrying everything into the laundry room and washing dishes there in a sink that is very low and ill-suited to the task.


Carrie said...

Wish I was there to wash dishes in your low sink. It is probably very well suited to my short frame! Oh well, it may be that another summer goes by without a visit from us. It has gone by SO fast with my new job and all of Anna's activities.

Mary Beth said...

I really wish you were coming, but I understand. I still think about setting up a cot for you in the laundry room so you can move in and be my nanny! :)