Saturday, June 30, 2007

Intro to Summer

I'm ridiculously behind in my blogging, so just bear with me here. I thought this little Children's Fair, held two weeks ago down at the Ventura Harbor, was worth posting about. It was fun and we kept it simple and the babies had a good time. The vintage looking merry-go-round horses, and "flying" elephants here caught my eye, but I doubted seriously
that Dieter would ride them without one of us (and we were too big of course). So we contented ourselves with watching the rides, which was pretty fun (we're low-key people).
We bought Dieter one of the Skitter cars like he's riding here. He instantly was able to ride this one, the sample model, and it was cool and fun and we got excited and decided to buy him one. Then we he got his he couldn't make it go and immediately fell over on the concrete. Oh my. I thought we might have gotten a lemon, but it actually seems to work pretty well. He's starting to get the hang of it again.
He did work up the courage to go into this jolly jump--he wouldn't at first but Ken took him back later and he jumped and jumped. So cute.


Carrie said...

That's why I like hanging out with. Because it's ok to just watch the rides.

Mary Beth said...

Sometimes it's just better that way. I miss you Carrie! Come visit!!