Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Father's Day

We had a little Father's Day barbeque Sunday night, and my parents came up (and brought Jacob too, who started summer school the next day).
We had a nice little barbeque which inexplicably took me all day to prepare (and I didn't even have to make the salad, because my mother brought one up). Here's what we had--steak with California Marinade (from the Chinaberry Cookbook), squash and rice casserole (from Cooking Light, and it was very good--first time I made it), cut up watermelon and pineapple, chocolate zucchini sheet cake with chocolate frosting, salad . . . hmm, I guess that's all. Seems like there was more, because literally, with shopping and caring for two babies, and managing breakfast and lunch it took me literally all day to prepare.
It was fun to get outdoors and the little kids were really enjoying the big kids. Dieter got this new Skitter Car the day before and Faith drove him around in it.

And here's the obligatory Rainer looking cute photo. Finally we're on summer break and there will be more posting forthcoming.


Carrie said...

You have no idea how satisfying it was to open the blog and see a new post!!! Especially after my earlier whining. This is at the moment my favorite and most intense leisure activity. I should probably get a hobby of my own instead of living vicariously through you!

Mary Beth said...

Thank you Carrie! I will call you today!