Friday, June 22, 2007

Avila Beach Trip

Faith, Rainer, and I went on a "girls trip" (sorry Rainer, but I know you didn't mind) to Avila Beach earlier this week. We had to go immediately at the beginning of our summer break because Faith started summer school yesterday (Thursday) and is going to be tied up with that for the next 8 weeks, believe it or not.
We really had a nice time and it was especially fun getting to kick back and relax and just do what we like: shopping, walking around, eating junky things, and watching TV and movies (since TV is not an option at home--we checked out the morning shows a little bit, the Style channel, that sort of thing).

The centerpiece of the trip was visiting Steve & Barry's in Santa Maria to shop Sarah Jessica's "Bitten" line. We felt that the inventory was really picked over when we got there, but still had a GREAT time making our selections--mostly jeans and cute fitted graphic tees. I also got a summery white skirt. All in all, despite a few little problems (like an oven that didn't work, bathtub that didn't hold water, and not being able to find San Luis Obispo as easily as we had hoped) it was a wonderful mother-daughter bonding time and I'd love to do it again.


Carrie said...

just got back from ms. reading your blog before I return to my real life.

Carrie said...

ps. Wichita has a Steve & Barry's. Melinda gave Anna and I gifts from there. I got a cowboy hat and earrings, Anna got a tee.

Mary Beth said...

Glad to see you are back Carrie. How was Mississipi?