Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Wrap-Up

Ideally, I would be posting every day, but this is what it has come to: almost a week since my last post. Oy. Anyway, I just uploaded some pictures from the camera and I liked this picture of my mother's day lunch. Here I am with my 3 boys--Faith did not join us. The venue choice is very MB--it's the Jolly Cone, where I ordered a burger and a shake and fried zuchini. Dieter loved Ken's shake and drank almost the whole thing.
Also last weekend I overpaid for this Tonka loader at a garage sale ($4 for a very rusted out, dented, dirty old Tonka). But my Dieter loves it--loves it.

Other cute things:
:: the other morning Rainer was hanging out in the bouncy seat all ready to go to daycare. Dieter comes up to him and says, "I like your shoes" in his adorable toddler singsong voice. So conversational and matter of fact. I had just opened some girraffe moccasins for Rainer and it was the first time he was wearing them.
::Dieter got a balloon yesterday and he was so disappointed that this morning it no longer was "flying." I thought that was such a cute way to express that the helium was gone.
::last week Rainer got a new tooth--Tuesday morning was when we first noticed it. It's right next to the first one--bottom center.
::Rainer is really sitting up now, at 6 months, 3 weeks, and he's really happy about it. Now he can sit on the kitchen floor and play with a basket of toys while I cook.

Four more weeks of school, then it is summer. I have big plans for cleaning up and getting organized and blog posting every day!

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