Monday, May 28, 2007

Seven Months

Seven months already!! This has been a big month for Rainer in terms of his development. He really has taken on to solids--when I do feed him (I admit, I'm still a bit casual about wheather he gets his solids at night or not) he can eat a big bowl of rice cereal plus a little jar of fruit. I'm really excited about him being such a good eater.
He's also gotten to be a great sitter-up. He can sit and play with a basket of toys for a long time and he hardly ever tips over anymore. He's also figuring out how to get out of the sitting position and onto his tummy. When he is on his tummy he's getting around quite well. Still not crawling, but scooting quite far using a combination of arm and leg movements. He'll also get up onto his hands and knees or hands and feet and rock back and forth--I think he's pretty close to figuring out how to crawl, but time will tell. He might just skip it and go straight to walking. He's not yet pulling up on the furniture but he loves to pull up on our hands when we're available.
Sleep-wise, he's the same. Loves to nurse and sleep with mama. It's really okay for now. Maybe we'll try something different over the summer. He really knows his name now too. He totally looks up when he hears it.
He's just a sweet guy. Loves to play with toys, be sung to, play peek a boo and finger rhymes, and he loves his big brother too. It's going to be a fun summer with him able to do so much. Keep up the good work, little guy!


Carrie said...

When's school out?

Mary Beth said...

June 15 for me.