Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Glamour Sarah Jessica Parker is on the cover of Glamour this month to promote her new fashion line, "Bitten," which is a "cheap chic" line where everything is under $20! It's going to be available at a chain called Steve & Barry's. I was reading the interview this weekend (by the way, Glamour is one of my magazines I want to rip into immediately when it arrives--I'm finding that some magazines I'm able to set aside and open later, but not this one). Anyway, I was reading the interveiw, and she's just so articulate, and I came across this quote, "Bitten is simple silhouettes that are affordable. You’re going to be able to buy $200 worth of clothes, leave that store with six bags and be able to pay your utilities and take your kids someplace special for their birthday. It’s a very different philosophy about shopping," and I started tearing up and hugging my baby closer. It's just so endearing to me that she sees herself in a position to make a difference, give something back. Not that affordable fashion is the answer to world peace, but looking good makes you feel good and when you feel good more love is being radiated out into the world. So I was feeling very embarrassed about the crying, then I read down a few lines where she admits to crying when she read about a the Starbury shoe, an inexpensive athletic shoe for kids designed by a basketball player (who also wears it himself while playing). So I felt better about the whole crying thing (and also I can blame my postpartum hormones, right?).

In related news, Faith and I are planning a trip to Avila Beach this summer, and it turns out there is a Steve & Barry's in Santa Maria, ON OUR WAY TO AVILA BEACH! Woo hoo!!! We're both very excited and are planning a big mother-daughter shop up. (With money enough left over to take her somewhere nice for her birthday).

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Ok. Now I'm tearing up reading the blog!