Sunday, April 1, 2007

Wee Bunnies

I'm delighted with this free pattern I found over at Wee Wonderfuls. I was just browsing around there, contemplating buying some of her cool patterns at some point, when I noticed the free downloads, then I noticed one was a bunny! Score!
So I had a rare Sunday alone with Rainer today and I got to complete two bunnies for the babies' Easter baskets next week. I'd planned ahead and did my shopping yesterday (only spent $10 buying the white fleece and button eyes and stuffing) and the rest of the fabric came from my stash). Today, I was ready and made one bunny during Rainer's first nap and the second one during his second. I could have been more organized I suppose but all and all I was very pleased.
The bunnies stitched up so fast and easily and are just so darn cute! I love that they are print fabric on the back. My big challenge is with the embroidery on the faces. Dieter's, on the left, has button eyes, and Rainer's, for safety reasons, has an all-embroidered face. Both faces were difficult, and I'm not sure how to hide the knots. Still, though, these have a very homey hand-made appeal, I think. I'd love to make a lot more, but with my time limitations I may have to settle for just these two. So fun.


Carrie said...

Hi - These are really cute! I'm in Minneapolis this week for a training on grant writing. The company is based out of Los Angeles. My plan, get job as trainer with them and base myself out of Ojai. I'll nanny on the weekends.

Mary Beth said...

Sounds good to me!!