Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spring Break Crafting

Ahh, Spring Break. I'm not going to lie to you--it feels fantastic. Yes, I do like my working life as well, but my heart loves home and the domestic scene. The kids and Ken are back in school this week, so it's just me and baby Rainer. The weekend was spent doing Easter activities, but yesterday I mostly stayed home, crafted, and made a nice soup and bread dinner for the family (I'll post later about the bread recipe because it was easy and quite good).

So I have all these free clothes a friend gave me. A few things from her boy, but mostly a HUGE Ikea bag full of things that someone gave her and she didn't want. So I picked some things out (see Dieter's cute sweater, here) and also some items I could applique. I am so happy with the way this striped shirt worked out. I really liked the colors, but there were paint stains in three places, thus the "1,2 3" applique. It was really fun picking colors to coordinate with the stripes.
Also, I made initial shirts for Dieter and Rainer. Again, very fun, quick and satisfying. I'm getting inspired to make them some pants pretty soon too, and maybe a sunsuit for the baby. Wouldn't that be fun? In seersucker maybe?
Here are the two cuties in their mommy-made new shirts. Rainer is quite the established finger-sucker now, by the way.

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