Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Mysterious Third Bunny

This bunny, whose owner prefers not to be mentioned on this blog (presumably because she thinks she is too grown up for bunnies) is the one I made in my mad rush of Easter preparations yesterday. I have to tell you, these bunnies are just extremely fun to make. I love picking the fabrics and they stitch up so fast and cute and are so satisfying. It makes me want to make one for every baby on the block (but alas, I don't have time). I'll have to content myself with making perhaps just one more, for Rainer to have in his crib at daycare (I like the idea of him having a homemade softie in his crib away from home).
I think this last bunny is the best so far. I love the fabric selection, he is more tightly stuffed than the other two, and the face is much better. By the way, she named him "Prep."

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