Monday, April 2, 2007

It's Not Just about the Babies

The older kids are sadly underrepresented on this blog. So I thought I'd post this fun picture of me and the three big kids taken on Christmas day. I really like it, and it's rare that we all get into a picture together. I always think, "hey, we should take more pictures of the big kids" and then we don't. But truly, they're growing and changing too, as are the little ones--maybe not as fast, but even so, these are precious times for them too. In fact, Ben and Faith are on their 8th grade trip to Washington DC and New York this week. It's fast and furious--sightseeing every moment and late into the night. I hope they hold up--the time change doesn't work in their favor. Hang in there kids! And learn lots!
And just because he is so dang cute, here's Rainer, taken in the front yard yesterday. He is such a happy little guy, and I love him so. Check out the "vintage" quilt he's laying on. It's from a stash of old blankets Ken's sister gave us. This is my favorite one.

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