Sunday, March 11, 2007

Work, Work, Work

Wow, I am really overwhelmed by how much work it is being back at work. And I am so not talking about just going to my job. It's all the preparations for the week that I have to cram in over the weekend. Maybe it will get better as I fine tune my system, but the bottom line is that I have all this work to do with two screaming babies hanging onto my legs. Lunches, dinners, shopping, laundry, driving big kids, picking up, etc. etc.

Admitedly, we did have a relaxed Friday night and most of Saturday. Saturday morning I did go grocery shopping with Rainer, as planned, then it was off to Ventura for breakfast at the Vagabond and to walk around the harbour. Dieter and Rainer had their first carousel ride (Dieter rode on the chicken--Rainer rode a horse with me--Rainer in the Moby).

In other news, Rainer rolled over! From back to front for real--he got his arm out from under him and everything. I was very proud of him. Way to go little guy!

So anyway, I was in a pretty negative mood most of the day because I felt like I was on a giant treadmill, with no time to spend with the babies, but I'm trying to put things into perspective, and I know I can tweak things for next weekend. And on the bright side, only 4 more weeks til Spring Break.

PS--I took this photo in a quiet moment just before the hell that is dinner time at our house. It's a nectarine branch from our yard. Simple pleasures.

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