Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Toddler Activity Tray

At Christmastime we received one of those wine gift sets with 4 bottles of wine packaged together in a wooden tray. I'm never sure what to do with these gifts that come with large containers, and this tray was stained dark and had "Robert Mondavi" written very large along both sides. I thought it might make a good holder for Dieter's art supplies, but it was so ugly! Then I thought of painting it--major lightbulb action!
I love how it turned out, and it didn't even cost me any money because we had the paint on hand. Sitting out on the front porch brushing the paint on was quite soothing, too. Why should toddlers have all the painting fun?

So what to put in it? Honestly, there's not a lot that two year olds are really capable of doing in the art area. So far I have

* crayons--regular and washable
* large water color paints
* magnets in bright colors and a small cookie sheet for sticking them on
* homemade play dough with plastic letters and buttons to stick into it
* colored craft sticks, also for sticking into playdough
* a Klutz guide to arts and crafts recipes

I like it, but I'm very interested in finding other toddler appropriate art projects. Any suggestions?

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DSBRansom said...

Glue stick & various materials to collage with, little scissors (with supervision) dot painters, rainbow crayons, multicultural crayons & washable markers, stickers, foamies.