Monday, March 19, 2007

Pile of Hand-me-Down Goodness

Friday Ken came home with these great hand-me-downs for Rainer. Dieter's daycare provider does a little clothing exchange table for the families on Mondays and Tuesdays, but I'm not able to go there because her hours don't mesh with my full-time work job and commute (so Ken always takes and picks up Dieter from daycare). Michelle nicely set these things aside for me, thinking they'd be perfect for Rainer. They are, and I love them. I've never been a big hand-me-down person because one, I'm basically shy and I don't have a large circle of people wanting to give me stuff, and two, I think most people have terrible taste and I don't want their old stuff anyway. But kids clothes (especially boys clothes) have gotten so much better in recent years that the possibility of liking what someone else has purchased has really increased.
I especially love these Osh Kosh circus themed sleepers. There are three of them, and the prints are so whimsical! One has monkeys, one has lions, and the other zebras. So cute! I couldn't wait to get him into one. Dieter has gotten some good hand-me-downs lately too, so we're in quite good shape for clothes for the little boys. I love the feeling of having tons of clothes for them, to leave at daycare, in the diaper bags, and to make a beach drawer for them at Gam and Papa's. Fun.

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