Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On this First Day of Spring

Happy Vernal Equinox! Today I decided to get back to basics and mark the first day of Spring with a simple cup of tea with my family. I imagined something relaxed and unstructured. I think it's telling that all we could manage was a rushed 15 minutes before the next commitments called. And Faith wasn't even able to join us (she was at jazz dance class and Ben had a concert to get to). But I wanted to take a moment to sit and observe the change of seasons.
Dieter had his first tea. He liked it, I think, especially helping spoon sugar into everybody's cups. And he looked so cute sipping from his little snowman mug.

Here's what I hope to accomplish in Spring:
  • figure out a way to stay super-organized but have more relaxed time with the babies on the weekends
  • eat healthy, eat in more often
  • get outdoors every day
  • do some sewing over Spring Break
  • make a nice Easter for everyone
So what does your Spring season hold?

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