Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm a Snake, What are You?

Happy Chinese New Year! Well, it's Sunday, but we're getting ready for it now. Every year I think it would be fun to "celebrate" by ordering Chinese food, but usually it just passes us by. This year I'm loving being a stay at home mom (for a few more weeks) and I'm taking advantage of all the little holidays. Can you see the Chinese lanterns hanging in my window?

On Sunday we're going to order the aforementioned Chinese food and look up our horiscopes in a cute book I have about Chinese New Year.

This was the scene here this morning before I took down the hearts. Dieter was eating toast in his high chair and he's the one who pointed out the cool shadows. After we got everyone off to school and daycare, Rainer and I took a little outing to A Place to Grow, Dieter's old daycare. I've been feeling not right about putting Rainer in the home daycare where Dieter is going now. Dieter is doing fine, but I just have this nagging feeling that his daycare provider is not set up for infants and she has too many toddlers running about to really have time to engage with Rainer. I just feel better about putting him in an infant room. It felt good to be there and I think it's going to be a good fit.

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Carrie said...

I am having a hard time getting the hang of leaving a comment. I think I have to comment, then sign in. In any case, I'm a snake too! I think we are also going to try to do Chinese tomorrow. I pulled a great picture of the news site of a giant pig for my desktop at work. I can't find the link now but the bbc always has great pictures.