Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Four Months

My baby is four months old (officially as of last Friday). Yesterday he had his four month check. All is well, and apparently he is not as fat as we thought. He's in the seventy-fifth percentile for weight, height, and head circumfrence, so he's proportionate after all. He weighs 16 pounds 4 oz and is 25 and 1/2". At this same age Faith was 25 and 1/4" and 16# 2 and 1/4 oz. Very close. Dieter was longer (26") and thinner (15 lbs. 3 oz). No surprise there. Jacob was somewhere in the middle: 15# 6 oz. and 25 and 3/4" long. I have no data on Ben, but I'd love to know. Ken said he was off the charts.

And what is our sweet Rainer up to these days, you may ask? He gurgles and coos, smiles, holds his head up, reaches for toys and brings them to his mouth, and likes to suck on his fingers. I think he's teething. He still likes to be swaddled, even at his ripe old age, so I just swaddle his arms and let his feet dangle free. He's not rolling over at all, but I think he will soon. He does manage to move around quite a bit on his back now--scoots so his head and feet and pointing a completely different direction. Oh, by the way, he loves Baby Einstein. He only gets to watch it when Dieter gets to watch it (usually if the adults are about to watch a movie), but he loves it. I think I can see now why Julie Clark has made millions.

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